Nearly a Third of Americans Believe Armed Revolution Against Government May Be Necessary: Return of the KKK


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Remember this video  from the Rachel Maddow Show? “Be afraid, white people! The black people are coming for you!” It's worth another look.

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And with that, here's your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

Farleigh Dickinson University conducted a poll released on May 1 that implies that much of the pro-gun sentiment has nothing to do with self-defense, but rather with anti-federal government rage:

Overall, the poll finds that 29 percent of Americans think that an armed revolution in order to protect liberties might be necessary in the next few years [...]

But let's be clear that the willingness to take up firearms allegedly "to protect liberties" is occurring after a long right wing-fomented Tea Party siege against a black president. Furthermore, it is – as BuzzFlash at Truthout has often noted – a rebellion of whites who can't separate the image of America as a Caucasian-ruled nation from the legal basis of a democracy as enshrined in the US Constitution.  Theirs is a racist fantasy that a democracy should look like the skin color of the "founding fathers," not about the legal framework of the nation that they created.

As the demographics of the United States have changed, the white Alamo contingency has come more and more to define the empowerment of a multi-cultural society as the alleged "taking away of their liberties."

What is in their head is a return to guaranteed white sovereignty.  It is the clash of a vision of a white patriarchal society versus the constitutional guarantee of rule by the majority.

It's starting to feel like the US has a solid 1/3 Afrikaner mentality contingent, and the gun has become the symbol of defiance.  Most of them, according to the poll, are in the Republican Party. [...]

So get ready for more militia, NRA, gun guy and survivalist brandishing of firearms on behalf of white supremacy (because that is what it amounts too, only in coded words).

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  • gaelicartguy

    As Bill Maher pointed out last night- when the Branch Davidians at Waco with their huge arsenal thought about some sort of resistance there was a VERY big wall they ran up against- THE FULL MILITARY MIGHT of the USA. Don't know that the result of any further attempts at armed insurrection would end much differently. Unless of course the far right is stockpiling drones and nuclear warheads and all the rest.

  • FINALLY! I have waited until someone stated this articles obvious facts, before I said this: The 2nd amendment is there to 1) protect us from government gone horribly bad, and 2) to protect our liberties. I believe the chance of an armed uprising by the nutjob Right to be slim; I also believe that, if such an uprising happened, it would achieve nothing but charges of treason. Lastly, I believe the chances of our government, as f**ked-up as it is, stopping such an uprising dead in its tracks, is nearly 100%.

    But nothing is absolutely certain. Look at the destruction of our rights across the nation; Anti-abortion trap laws, union busting, voter suppression. Look at the tissue of lies that the Iraq war was based upon. Look at a Congress that practically refuses to govern, willing instead to risk another deep recession by screwing with the budget, the debt ceiling, etc.

    It's doubtful, in the extreme, that any large-scale revolution will be tried. But, the chance against such an event is NOT 100 percent.

    Some people, even people who likely understand what the 2nd amendment REALLY is there for, seem to refuse to believe an armed revolution can happen (e.g., Senator Feinstein). To them, I suggest they brush-up on their history, and pay attention to the politicians who are running roughshod over our rights. Sandy Hook would become a pleasant memory, compared to what would happen in another American civil war...

  • fredamae

    Nooooo, It's NOT "necessary".

  • I weep for this country—the Constitution's Bill of Rights—Whites only? Sigh