Video Overnight Thread: Canadian Astronaut Answers Questions About Life on the ISS


Typical Canadian, eh? A child's question: 'How big is the International Space Station?'. The astronaut's answer: 'Big - the size of five hockey fields.' What would similar answers be around the world? 'The size of five cricket fields.' 'The size of five ... is there any non-sport-venue answer which comes to mind?

My question: If the governments of the world can send people into space, why can't they solve more basic questions like keeping people healthy and working and not killing each other?


In any event, here's Chris Hadfield, Canadian Astronaut, answering school kids' questions on bathing, eating, cleaning up spills and performing other day-to-day activities beyond the reach of gravity.

  • lsamsa

    Love Chris Hadfield!! Obviously an incredibly smart fellow...along with having to be very 'in shape' for him to be where he is. Moreso...who has engaged people to be so interested in be so awe struck by his pictures of so many & various places on have their questions of how the simplest of tasks are handled in be so very cool as to connect with Neil Young & to cheer on our beloved Maple Leafs! 🙂