Poll-itics: PA Gov. Tom “You Just Have to Close Your Eyes” Corbett trails all challengers


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Need some good news? So do I. How's this for starters: There's some hopeful news about Pennsylvania's Republican Governor Tom “You Just Have to Close Your Eyes” Corbett. The Willard M. Romney endorser, fracking fan, and pro-election-rigging schemer is losing in the latest Quinnipiac poll.

Via Taegan, we see that all three leading Democrats who might challenge Corbett in 2014 are beating him by at least 9 percentage points:

Joe Sestak (D) tops Corbett 48% to 34%, Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D) is ahead 47% to 34%, while Rob McCord (D) is up% to 35%.

Key findings: With a 2-1 thumbs down from women, voters say 50% to 32% that Corbett does not deserve reelection. His approval rate is 38% to 47%.

  • Sally

    What? Women are still allowed to vote? But ALEC assured Corbett that women would not be in the picture for this election. He could continue their war on women and face no repercussions, just like Mittens, Akin, Murdoch...and of the rest of the GOP creeps.