Ohio high school student shoots himself in front of class. Commenter: "Great. Just what the anti-gun nutties need."



At La Salle High School, a campus located west of Cincinnati, Ohio, police said this happened, via CBS:

A student at La Salle High School who pulled out a gun in his first-period classroom Monday morning and shot himself in an apparent suicide attempt is reportedly in critical condition.

Who gave him access to the gun? Or who was negligent enough to allow access? Or did he steal the gun? How will these kids be affected, and for how long? The rest of their lives? Will this change their attitudes about guns? Was anyone aware of this boy's depression?

Of course, one of the first reactions on a message board was, essentially, great, the liberals might come for my firearms again. Yes, that's exactly what to say in a situation like this. Politicize it. Welcome to Gun Crazies Inc.:


Great. Just what the anti-gun nutties need.


Anti Gun Nutties are going to use a shooting in a gun free zone to their advantage??

And by, who I assume is a nut case, that they either did nothing, or at the least, not enough to help??

Yeah, I hope they try to use this one.

Nero played the fiddle, Obama just plays with himself.

Compassionate conservatives are getting harder and harder to find, if they ever existed in the first place.

How’s that GOP outreach thing going, Ohio?

H/t: Andy Marquis