Audio- Rush Limbaugh Agrees With Caller That Boston Bombers Were Influenced By City's "Liberal Elite Intellectual Thought"


Huhwhaa? Via.

  • NativeSonKY

    "They're idiots. Parents are probably idiots, too" (Paraphrased from Back to the Future, but true)

  • Sally

    The only thing worse than a 12 year old pseudo conservative Christian is one who can vote.

  • He went after me on Twitter too. I blocked/reported. He seems, um, immature to say the least, and pretty insecure. I think he's about 12.

  • bpollen

    Awww.... and I didn't even get to see what he said. But, I trust your judgement (and editorial powers - though rumor has it that they came about due to a bite from a radioactive spider.... or was that Batman?)

  • Tony, back that up or tell me you're joking. We don't allow that kind of name calling in Comments. Read our guidelines. Plus, you posted the same comment twice.

  • You're a racist!!

  • you're a racist!!

  • More bullshit from the the reigning King!

  • bpollen

    I just gotta say: If liberals are so goddam influential and so goddam powerful, why are you still able to talk?