Sad Days: Special Comment by my 75-year-old friend


congress senate vote against gun background checks

My impassioned “72-year-old”  friend (who is now 75, but who’s counting?), who goes by the Twitter name @42bkdodgr, would like to share his feelings about how many of our most pathetic Congress members have handled this country's tragic events. I am more than happy to oblige.

But first, a personal note from 42bkdodgr:

Many of you may wonder why I chose to use the “72 year old friend” as the introduction to my Special Comments. I selected the moniker so readers could see that from my age and life experiences I give a different perspective to the issues of today.

Now for his Special Comment:

Sad Days

In my life time I have experienced many sad days for our country, some of these are, but not all are:

  • Assassination of President John F.Kennedy
  • Assassination of Martin Luther King
  • Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
  • Tragedy of 9/11
  • Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy
  • Mass Shootings: Long Island Railroad (1993), Columbine High School (1999), Fort Hood (2009), Tucson, Arizona (2011), Aurora Movie Theatre (2012), Sikh Temple (2012), Newtown School (2012)
  • Boston Marathon (2013)
  • West, Texas Explosion (2013)

All of the above events resulted to death and injury of many Americans and non-Americans, that have affected and changed the lives of many people and our country.

I know, the way our government operates has changed over the years, with the growth of lobbyists and the amount of money in our political system; but yesterday I saw the death of my country that I was brought up to know and love.

Yesterday was another sad day for me and America. When over 90% of Americans favored a bill that would expand gun background checks of gun sales, made at gun shows and over the Internet, was defeated by a group of Senators who had more loyalty to the NRA and gun manufacturers than to the American people.

That group of Senators showed that the revered words of their most famous Republican, President Abraham Lincoln-- that we are a "government of, by and for the people"-- no longer has any meaning to them. To them we are now a government of, by and for the 1% and the big corporations.

To Rand Paul I say, the only props used in the gun legislation debate where you and the other Senators who voted against the wishes of your constituents to support the gun manufacturers.

We need to get back to the type of government that was expressed by President Lincoln. That can only be done by voting out members of Congress who don't represent their constituents and reverse the Citizens United decision. I have faith that this can be done and then enact sane and sensible gun laws, without taking away the 2nd amendment rights of Americans.

Many thanks again for another thorough, relevant piece, @42bkdodgr. You often say what many of us are thinking and feeling, and we thank you for your unique perspective.