Dem Failure to Reform Filibuster Sinks Gun Control in Senate


filibuster cartoon mitch mcconnellYour Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

As Michael Collins writes:

As majority leader, Reid set the rules of the Senate prior to this term, as he did prior to the last term.  He deliberately allowed the super majority requirement prior to any meaningful vote to stand and, as a result, preserved the threat of a filibuster.  Harry Reid bears the responsibility for the lack of a vote and passage of this legislation.  The 46 senators who voted with Reid against allowing a vote are almost all Republicans.  They were joined by the normal cast of atavistic Democrats including Max Baucus, Democrat of Montana who also chairs the Senate Finance Committee. [...]

As Collins adds, "Two other parts of the gun control passage fell after the background check fiasco.  Bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines are finished."

Although the reporting on the amendment was confusing due to the threat of a filibuster issue, the gun state Idaho Statesman got it right:

...It's minority rule, and the Dems keep backing down on changing the filibuster rules. [...]

That's a bit scary when you read a lengthy article in the April 17 New York Times (NYT) that describes how individuals can buy guns on the Internet without background checks, because they are considered "personal" and not "commercial" transactions.

The NYT points out that ...for now, it continues to be an unregulated market for what are likely many illegal sales.  The NYT begins the investigative piece by focusing on a felon who tried to buy and sell guns on a firearms exchange website [...]

Given that the somewhat universal background check for gun buyers proposed law did not pass, due to a filibuster threat, is open for business today.

When around 10,000 people are murdered a year with guns, you would think that appropriate policy would apply to decrease that death toll. [...]

To paraphrase Bill Maher: New rules, the minority wins in the Senate.

The result is as Michael Collins sardonically writes:

So what do we have at the end of Wednesday, April 17, 2013.  If you are a violent criminal with a record or seriously mentally ill, you have the  right to buy invasion-of-Iraq grade assault weapons with high capacity magazines for ammunition.  As a bonus, you can buy these weapons of messy destruction at a gun show near you without the inconvenience of a background check. This must be what Greg Palast meant by the title of his book, Armed Madhouse.

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