What I will not write about today



Sometimes I get so frustrated and/or disheartened and/or annoyed by some of the news stories of the day that I can’t bring myself to write about them. Here are a few recent reports that made my blood pressure hit the roof. I am avoiding delving into them at length out of concern for my physical and mental health.

Actually, I did write about one of them: Gun background check plan fails in Senate 54-46. Here are statements from NRA, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and VIDEO: #Newtown parent, Obama on failure to pass gun violence law: “Gun lobby & its allies willfully lied about the bill.”

Here are the others that drove me to drink:

See what I mean? So who’s up for a couple of Margs or a trough of wine?

soon to be a drunk mess

  • Simi!

  • lsamsa

    A break from the craziness that is the world today...is certainly necessary for ones sanity. I force myself to do this as well...albeit not as often as I probably should.

  • Well color me not surprised. I worked for Regal a back in high school. I still remember the cynical jokes we would make the day minimum wage was raised and we all got a "raise" to 7.20/hour.

  • disqusux

    I raise my fine Australian Coonawarra red to you: "Here's to those that wish us well - and those who don't can go to hell." >clink< Now go out, Laffy, and give yourself a concrete reason for feeling terrible in the morning.