VIDEO- Iowa Sec. of State, tea partier: Tell "your friends and neighbors that you love voter ID" because Dems will "cheat"


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Think Progress:

At a social conservatives’ conference this week, Iowa’s Secretary of State argued that Republicans need to pass voter ID in order to advance their top policy goals, including banning abortion and same-sex marriage.

Presenting tea partier and Iowa Secretary of State (and elections official!) Matt Schultz, who spoke at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition. He got out there and pushed for-- ta-daa!-- voter ID. Because, see, by disenfranchising all the ickiest, leftiest voters, you can finally ban abortions and marriage equality.

He also accused all those icky, lefty Democrats of cheating in order to win elections. But oops! Remember when it was Republicans who got busted for voter fraud? And when Mitt Romney's WI co-chair said that Romney would have “absolutely” won state with Voter ID law? And when former McCain senior strategist Steve Schmidt said, “Voting fraud, that doesn’t really exist… It’s part of the [Republican] mythology”?

Me too!

Of course, Tea Party Matt had no proof, no evidence, no facts to support his accusations, because there is no proof, evidence, or support for what he said since voter fraud is rarer than getting struck by lightning:


There are a whole lot of issues that we care about, abortion, gay marriage, a whole lot of social issues that we care deeply about. But you have to start caring about voter ID and election integrity as well, because if you don’t have that, you’ll never be able to make a difference in any other issue you care about. Never. Because they will cheat! They’ll cheat. And we need to make sure we stop them. So what do I need you to do? I need you start telling your friends and neighbors that you love Voter ID. You love Voter ID.

That's right, folks, tell your friends that you heart Voter ID! Suppressing the vote is the only way to win! (If you're a Republican, that is.)

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