VIDEO: Hey GOP Rep. Peter King, if Boston police officers are heroes, then stop cutting public sector jobs!


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The entire segment can be found here.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY):

The Boston police department is an outstanding police department, the FBI, homeland security, ATF, they're all working on this, the president is leading it, No, this is not a time for Democrat or Republican politics. I think the president is putting in place, putting in motion the counter-terrorism and anti-terrorism units we have in our country that have been developed over the last 11 1/2 years and they're going to do an outstanding job. I have no doubt of that whatsoever.

1. "Democrat" is not an adjective. "Democratic" is.

2. If the Boston Police Department did such a great job, then why does the GOP want to keep cutting budgets that would provide for more "outstanding police departments"? Oh, that's right. They're "union thugs." And King is a hypocrite.

3. ATF? ATF? They're "working on this"? Anyone seen the director?

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4. Wait. Did he actually admit that President Obama *gasp!* leads?

5. This is no time for politics, says King. Oh really? Then what's up with this? Rep. Peter King (R-NY) implied what now? “Pressure cooker bombs described in Al Qaeda magazine.” Nothing prejudiced or premature about that at all. Appealing to your base, are you? Some-body is looking for more do-na-tions! Have dark skin or a "funny" name? You're guilty. Next!

Oh, and if you really don't want to play politics, rehire all those police officers you and your party fired.