VIDEO: Hear that N. Korea drumbeat? "This is the way you ready a citizenry for violence... & that is how wars start."


drumbeat to North Korean war

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I cannot begin to tell you how glad I am that Chris Hayes covered this worrisome crescendo last night on "All In." It's about time somebody did.

Just what we need, another pounding-pounding-pounding drumbeat to war, egging Americans on, literally drumming up support for, or at least the expectation of-- and subsequent acquiescence to-- yet another war.

What, Bush's fraudulent Iraq invasion wasn't enough for us? His, and the media's, onslaught of misinformation didn't teach us anything?

Watch the entire video, because Chris gives us a much more objective look at what's going on with North Korea... and our often-irresponsible news media.

Chris Hayes:

Tensions are high... partly because the rhetoric in the U.S.  has been ratcheting up at a remarkable pace...

I am not an expert on the Korean peninsula, but I lived through the Iraq War. And when people start talking about threats and war, everybody needs to double the amount of skepticism and the level of critical rigor they bring to the matter.

So. What exactly is the deal with this ominous sounding Defense Intelligence Agency report?

The precise revelation, this assessment by the DIA. was disclosed by a Congressman named Doug Lamborn, a Republican from Colorado's fifth district, reading an unclassified portion after classified report at a House Armed Services Committee hearing. Now, the Congressman has confessed he hasn't even read the entire report he's quoting from.

On top of that, the Congressman himself says his motivation, by his own admission, for leaking a small bit of the DIA report, was to argue against the president's proposed defense cuts.

The Defense Intelligence Agency is, by the way, we should note, the very same agency that said Iraq had nuclear weapons ten years ago.

North Korea does have nuclear weapons. There's no doubt North Korea is an absolute outlier, and they're a monstrous regime.

But there's an uncomfortable drumbeat that seems to be happening when tensions in the Korean peninsula are inflated creating a palpable sense of drama. It is exactly the kind of thing that positions a nation and its citizens to be ready to go to war, and a nation and its citizens ready to go to war is a dangerous thing.

Talking about things in this way has consequences.

This is the way you ready a citizenry for violence, for something horrible, and that is how wars start.