Doonesbury: "Sorry, Prieb-Dawg" but "the GOP demo" is "angry old white guys." Comic-Priebus responds.


reince priebus prieb dawg

doonesbury reince priebus prieb dawg

Garry Trudeau is continuing the Mr. Kibbitz/Reince Priebus story arc, adding the element of Reince’s imaginary “GOP celebrity task force” and the complete lack of A-list celebrities, B-listers, and the  pathetic excuse for a C-List…

It just got funnier. No, I mean, it really it did. Come on: "Prieb-Dawg"?

By the way, the mental image of any A-lister-- or anyone else-- "getting in bed" with Prieb-Dawg is so not pretty and it should never be mentioned again under any circumstances ever in the history of ever.

And don't even get me started on the "Some of us aren't old" punch line.

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