VIDEO-- Protesters to Karl Rove (who lost his temper on stage): "He's not welcomed here!" and "Murderer!"


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Karl Rove was harassed by protesters during speech at UMass

"To put this man on a pedestal and to say, 'We want your voice guiding the younger generation,' I wanted to make sure that there was another voice in the room bringing a different story to the people."

karl rove protest war criminal


AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) - Several students were escorted out of an event at UMass Amherst featuring Republican strategist Karl Rove. [...]

His speech was sponsored by the UMass and Smith College young Republicans clubs.

And Boston Magazine is reporting that protesters shouted “murderer” and “terrorist” at him. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Robert Rizzuto of The Republican tells us that poor wittle Karl got his feewings hurt:

"If you object to that, I want you to show up the next time Hillary Clinton comes here and tell her you disagree with her vote," Rove yelled back as he completely lost his temper on stage. "It's either that or you're saying those people were hoodwinked and that's an insult to those people including Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and others."

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You can find more reporting and video footage at CBS 3.