The union difference: If you want to decrease pay gap between men and women, join a union #EqualPayDay


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Happy Equal Pay Day, boys and girls! And speaking of boys and girls... Guess what! Women are only paid 77 cents on the dollar and it's been that way for the last decade! 

Over a 40-year career, the 23-cent wage gap would cost a woman more than $443,000!

Conclusion: Corporations suck.

women pay wage gap

But do not fret, there is a silver lining. Union women make more than non-union women:

unions pay for women

The above graphic is from UNITE HERE!'s Facebook page. Fellow equality fans, we need to work harder at informing people about this. For example, via comments on the Unite Here Facebook page, there was a great question that got a great response that did, indeed, inform:

Robert Brownlow:

Are Unions the reason most employment has left the country? Are we pricing ourselves right out of a job? Just posing the question.

Giemma Raindance:

No, our jobs would stay here in the US if corporations can get away without giving a little more than minimum wage, no benefits and harassment. Unions protect workers from abuse so corporations look to third world countries to abuse their workers. The USA is a union which is why NO ONE messes with us!

Paddy posted a short entry including this 44-second, video, Equal Pay Day, earlier. Please hop over and take a look.

Here's one of my earlier Blunt videos from 2010, but sadly, it still applies three years later: