Doonesbury: Mississippi finally ratifies 13th Amendment slavery ban. Last slave in America speaks out!


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Garry Trudeau's take on Mississippi finally getting around to ratifying the Thirteenth Amendment brings it right around to the civil rights of today's slaves, immigrant fieldworkers. Good twist, one that should be brought to light more often in that context.

And the "We were never told we were free" line hits on such an important point. In many ways, African Americans are still not free. See: Suppression, voter... among other things.

Trudeau covered a lot of bases in eight panels, more than many news outlets do in their 24/7 programming. And as is so often the case, humor makes vital points and communicates better and to a broader audience than serious commentary can.

  • We is free, we is free. Thank Mississippians All-Whitey. We is FREE!

  • Tony Soprano

    I am the only one who thinks that today's Gary Trudeau's Doonesbury has traversed a rubicundity Caesar never knew in Gaul? "Worse slave ever - Technicolor America.

  • The Mississippi Legislature would've gotten to this sooner but they were busy pushing for Fetal Personhood ;>

  • You could say Slavery really didn't end until the Civil Right's Act, which along with the FBI's declaration of war, marked the beginning of the KKK's decline