"Soup Nazi" actor to gun maker: No tee shirts for you!


soup nazi no soup for you

The "Soup Nazi" episode on Seinfeld was a classic, always one of my favorites. Larry Thomas played the soup kitchen owner's role beautifully, and as far as I'm concerned, he's handling his new role as a gun safety advocate well, too.

Florida-based gun manufacturer Serbu was peddling tee shirts with Thomas's image on them... without permission. This is the same gun maker that refused to sell a specific type of semi-automatic sniper rifle to the New York Police Department as a protest against Gov. Andrew Cuomo's new gun laws banning the rifle, among other things.

The owner, Mark Serbu, was quoted as saying the following:

“Larry Thomas doesn’t want his face on our shirt . . . He’s an actor, he doesn’t want to be involved with something as hot-button as guns. We are just going to shoot him. Only joking... We don’t want to get into a lawsuit; we’ll change the shirts.”

Hey Serbu, no class for you!


As part of Serbu's campaign, the company has released t-shirts using the image of the Soup Nazi with the caption, "No Serbu for You!" — a play off the character's iconic line from the sitcom. But Thomas said he wants no part of the campaign, telling the New York Post that he has contacted Serbu, Facebook and the company that produces the t-shirts to issue a complaint.

I own the rights to my image as the Soup Nazi. Serbu did not ask my permission, and Facebook won’t take the image down," Thomas said. "Not only did they do this without my authorization, but also I am an advocate of gun control.”

The founder of Serbu did finally take down the images of the Soup Nazi character and added a new one along with the comment, "Well? How about this one? I'm not as photogenic as the soup nazi [sic] but at least we won't get sued over it!"

soup nazi fb gun maker pageNeedless to say, Serbu's Facebook buddies are not being kind to Larry Thomas in the comments section under each of the posts, including this one:

fb soup nazi gun maker denialFacebook link

Mike Mathews:

As the soup NAZI he prefers unarmed people. Just like the Nazi party preferred unarmed Jews, fitting. No work for you!

Tom Morrison

Step 1: Contact John Stossel
Step 2: Ask John Stossel to dress up as Soup Nazi
Step 3: Photograph John Stossel as Soup Nazi
Step 4: Place image on T-Shirts
Step 5: Profit, humor and LIBERTY~!

John Cundiff

Don't change the shirts! What a schmuck! Fuck him! What's he gonna do?

Ken Wilson

A gun control advocate? So he is a Nazi in real life also,huh?

Tony Marinski White

Make up a single shirt, blast it with a Super Shorty. Profit!

One of them called Thomas a "silly soup hippie," and another chose the overused blog troll term all too familiar to those of us on Twitter, "libtard."

stay classy