VIDEO: Mark Kelly, Gabby Giffords' husband, warns GOP against filibustering Senate gun legislation


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Gabby Giffords’ husband Mark Kelly timed it. It took all of five minutes and thirty-six seconds to complete a background check to purchase a handgun at an Arizona gun store.

Here he is on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace talking about that and more, including warning GOP lawmakers not to filibuster Senate gun safety proposals:

Mark Kelly:

"I would say to Marco Rubio that 94% of his constituents support a universal background check... with Rand Paul, it's about 83% in Kentucky.

"They should listen to their constituents and certainly shouldn't be getting in the way of the process, which is to debate the bill and to vote on the bill."

"I imagine that at some point, if they actually do this, their constituents will hold them accountable for those actions."

"One thing that is different now is the fact that we had 20 first-graders murdered in a classroom along with six educators. I mean, that's unacceptable."

"92% of Americans support a universal background check. And 74%  of NRA members. I would hope, at some point, that the leadership of the NRA would just listen to their membership on this issue."

"It's crazy that we have this system where responsible owners get a background check, and the option to avoid one is available for anybody who doesn't want to do it. It's a crazy system."

"The system currently works with federally licensed firearms dealers. There is no reason that same system can't work with the gun show and the private seller."

As you may recall, a gun store refused to sell Gabby Giffords’s husband an assault weapon because, rather than intending to kill with it, he planned on using it to make a point about gun safety.

Of course, AZ Sen. Jeff Flake thinks risk of gun deaths is preferable to all that burdensome background check “paperwork.”

At least Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) had the balls to pledge to introduce an amendment to ban the sale of high-capacity ammunition.

Oh, and Harry Reid? How’s that gentleman’s agreement with Mitch McConnell on the filibuster workin’ for ya?