Ashley Judd will not run for Senate


ashley judd


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Read the tweets in the screen shot from the bottom up. More:



What a shame. This would have been a battle worth fighting... against Mitch McConnell. All our previous posts about Judd here.

  • Professor Smartass

    And the Democrats will doubtless run a bland, corporate tool, largely indistinguishable from McConnell instead.

  • jhande

    I know she is famous, and people like her; but other than that why should Ashley Judd be elected to anything?

  • What a bubble bursting disappointment? Someone must emerge to challenge and defeat the deleterious Mitch McConnell

  • I understand Ashley is in the process of purchasing a home in Kentucky, is still interested in running for office and may be setting her cap for Rand Paul's seat in '16. He clearly is gearing up for a presidential run so it might be a smart move on her part.

  • Tease and leave......

  • Z54

    Not conservative enough for Barack Obama and Harry Reid!

  • jeff725

    As Yoda would say, "unexpected this is, and unfortunate."

  • The Democratic effort to keep Mitch McConnell employed has apparently worked.

  • What Mellow said.......;-(

  • mellowjohn