VIDEO: "A needed response to the Steubenville rapists... or any rapists out there."


girl passed out PSA rape

Today while I was on with Nicole Sandler doing my weekly radio spot, she ended the show with this must-see PSA aimed at teenage boys on what to do with a girl who’s passed out on your couch.

I had never seen it, and immediately teared up. What a simple and perfect message about respect and compassion:

Samantha Stendal:

To the Steubenville rapists...or any rapists out there.

It was posted on March 22, and already has 1,282,067 views.

Check out this comment that was posted under the video on YouTube:

Madd Lawgick:

This society has far more misandric beliefs then it does misogynist beliefs at this point. The man hating is at a ridiculous level in every aspect from elementary school to Prison sentences.

"real" Feminist always claim to be fighting for the rights of both genders but you NEVER see this in action. In actions all you see is feminist trying to gain more and more PRIVILEGES(not rights) for women and ignoring an issues dealing with men.

The radfems are heading the Feminists movement now.

Yeah, we "radfems" hate men so much that we try to prevent and cope with the devastation of rape. 

Melissa Harris-Perry must be trying so hard to "gain more PRIVILEGES" that she showed all kinds of compassion to rape survivors, having been one herself. She's clearly "ignoring all those issues dealing with men," those poor men who brutally abuse women, when she said to the Steubenville survivor, you “are not alone. We have failed you. I believe in you.”

What a radfem.

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    I wouldn`t marry a hysterical hag; you should know good men avoid women like you like the plague?

  • When women get paid as much as men, when men stop raping and beating women, then maybe that will happen. We treat them equally. We expect the same.

    How's your marriage, by the way? Oh, you're divorced?

  • How_delightful

    If only all women treated men with respect.