Quickie- George W. Bush is the Most Expensive Ex-President



But, but, but.... JOE BIDEN! Via Taegan.

Politico reports the federal government "spent nearly $3.7 million on former presidents last year. That covers a $200,000 pension, compensation and benefits for office staff, and other costs like travel, office space and postage."

"The costliest former president? George W. Bush, who clocked in at just over $1.3 million. That includes almost $400,000 for 8,000 square feet of office space and $85,000 in telephone costs."

  • So what about that reckless spending and fiscal conservatism we've been hearing so much about from the Right. This party just throws around words like grass seed, hoping that some of it will take root. A majority of Americans know now that it is all lip service. They spend the most, produce the least amount of jobs and go all out trying to roll back our liberties 50 years. This is what they meant by "Take The Country Back"