Poll-itics: Elizabeth Colbert Busch, Stephen Colbert's sister, leads Mark Sanford in So. Carolina Congressional race


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Via Public Policy Polling, we see that Republicans aren't unified, but the Dems sure are:

Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch leads Republican Mark Sanford 47-45 and ties Curtis Bostic at 43.

This is a Republican leaning district and Barack Obama's approval rating in it is only 41% with 57% of voters disapproving of him. But Democrats are far more unified than the Republicans are. Busch is winning 87-89% of the Democratic vote while Sanford (76%) and Bostic (72%) are both earning less than 80% of the GOP vote. Busch is also up by 16-18 points with independent voters.

Here's something that should crack you up:

Stephen Colbert's favorability rating of 36% in the district is higher than Sanford's 34%, and only 27% of voters have an unfavorable opinion of him.

Well now, that's a good sign considering Stephen Colbert has said he will even break character to help his sister’s House campaign, and he has.

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