AUDIO: Prop 8 arguments, plus 1971 VIDEO flashback: Archie Bunker's macho gay friend comes out to him


archie bunker arm wrestles gay friend

In light of the Supreme Court arguments on Proposition 8 today, here is a segment from a 1971 "All in the Family" episode called "Judging Books by Covers." Please watch it, and then have a few of your conservative friends take a good long look, too. Maybe they'll recognize themselves and some of their own pals in it:

Via LaughVids2:

Season 1 Episode 5----Roger, a friend of Mike and Gloria's, stops by for a visit. Archie takes one look at him and labels him as gay due to what Archie considers effeminate behavior, even though Mike insists that he isn't. Mike soon makes a realization that one of Archie's drinking buddies, Steve is actually a well-adjusted, sports loving, straight-acting, gay man.

Archie's buddy is a former NFL player, so how could he be gay, right? Just as so many "All in the Family" masterpieces, this one nailed it. They don't make TV sitcoms like this any more.

In a previous post, VIDEO: Archie Bunker on gun control. Sound familiar?, I compared Bunker's attitude to reactions to the Colorado shootings from Pres. Obama and GOP Rep. Louie Bunker, er, Gohmert.

Norman Lear is a damn genius.

Here is the audio, via WaPo:

Via the Los Angeles Times:

Supreme Court appears split on Prop. 8, broad gay marriage ruling

The Supreme Court justices sounded closely split on gay marriage Tuesday, but Justice Anthony M. Kennedy suggested the court should strike down California’s ban on same-sex marriage without ruling broadly on the issue.

Twice during the oral argument, Kennedy questioned why the court had voted to hear the California case.  “I wonder if this case was properly granted,” Kennedy said at one point.

His comments suggested that the court’s four most conservative justices voted to hear the California case. Had the justices turned down the appeal, as Kennedy suggested, Proposition 8 would have been struck down on the grounds of a narrow ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.