So which is it, GOP? Open contempt for marriage equality or "outreach"? "Inquiring upchuckers want to know."


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Please welcome back guest blogger and all-around cool person, K.C. Boyd:

Rob Portman’s stunning same sex marriage reversal alongside his equally stunned colleagues’ reactions spurred me to begin what I hope to make a semi-regular post dubbed The Daily Vomit.  Often, the seemingly small abuses of judgment and character seem insignificant but – taken as a whole – they accurately depict the state of today’s religiously infirm and all too frequently politically involved.

To begin, when Rob Portman came out with his newly birthed stance on same sex marriage, the Christian Fundy waters began to roil. Admirable as the loving acceptance of his own son is, I question both his religious and political sincerity. When, a couple of years ago, Senator Portman learned that his son was gay, it took Expedient Rob two more years to find a biblical way to flip his flop. Instead of wrestling with God and Pastor, could it have been Rob that you chose to keep this late in life change of heart under your political vest until the 2012 elections and your Romney love had passed? Inquiring upchuckers want to know. Call this a mini-puke...

A mini-puke that catapulted me the very next day to a putrid shade of green. That would be thanks to the not-so-eminent John Boehner’s answer to his usual colleague in crime’s newfound dance with liberalism. Ever held back by a rigid adherence to his inerrant Good Book, the tan man professed to the world and his God that, come Hell or high water, he would oppose same sex marriage even if he were ever to learn his own son was gay.

Next in this stream comes from the hardly holy J. Kenneth Blackwell. That would be the Kenny B. who presided over the highly questionable Bush win in 2004. The man who, in 2004, served as Secretary of State and thus, Ohio’s chief election officer, while at the same time doubling as co-chairman of Ohio’s Bush-Cheney Re-Election Campaign. He was once was a Liberal, before he became a Moderate turned Republican. When he ultimately saw the light of Jesus, he threw in full tilt with the Right Wing Crazies. Just what did the very dishonorable Mr. Blackwell have to say about his dear friend Rob’s biblical subversion?

“I don’t think the (Portman) family’s decision is going to impact, let’s say, in Ohio, public opinion which is strongly in support of traditional and natural marriage.” (UPCHUCK) “Making a decision based purely on love is putting us down a slippery slope. You know, what about the person who loves two women and wants to engage in polygamy? If two siblings love one another and figure it’s in their economic interest to marry, what stops them?” C’mon Ken, siblings? Really?

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t conclude with the King of Puke, mega-televangelist and Christian Zionist danger-man, John Hagee, who – during his March 19, 2013 national television broadcast – responded to a caller concerned about God’s judgment on a society that sanctions same sex marriage: Harkening back to Hagee’s recent warning that “same sex marriage was just two disturbed people playing house,” he answered,  “Sodom and Gomorrah is God’s pilot study for his response to the homosexual society.”

 Thank you Pastor Hagee for what is officially today’s full out purge. 

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 Novelist K.C. Boyd is the author of the viral sensation, Being Christian: A Novel. According to Mikey Weinstein, President of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, “Boyd created a story so riveting that not only could I not put it down, but upon finishing it, I found myself, like an addict, craving more.