Office of Congressional Ethics investigating Bachmann campaign for "alleged intentional" violations



John Avlon has an exclusive at the Daily Beast about an ethics probe into Michele Bachmann's campaign, allegations that her people deny, of course. After all, Team Family Values would never do anything improper. That would go against every principle for which they stand, under God, with liberty and justice for all:

[S]he is embroiled in a litany of legal proceedings related to her rolling disaster of a presidential campaign—including a Office of Congressional Ethics investigation into campaign improprieties that has not previously been reported.

The Daily Beast has learned that federal investigators are now interviewing former Bachmann campaign staffers nationwide about alleged intentional campaign-finance violations. [...]

Former staffers tell The Daily Beast that investigators have allegedly asked about allegations of improper transfer of funds and under-the-table payments actions by Bachmann’s presidential campaign...

The Bachmann campaign's national political director, Guy Short, and her onetime Iowa campaign chairman, state Sen. Kent Sorenson are the focus. Investigators want to know what she knew about their actions and when she knew it.

Avlon describes Bachmann's predicament as a "slow-motion crash for an unusually irresponsible politician." For example, her “Tea Party Caucus has been inactive for several months.”

One longtime Bachmann senior staffer made this painful observation: "Some people make a splash and some people belly flop. She belly flopped. And you don’t get a second chance at the diving board.”

Avlon sums it up this way:

In the end, it seems the only people who profited from Bachmann’s face-plant of a presidential campaign were the consultants. The only lasting legacy has been the lawsuits. While junior staffers say they still haven’t been paid, Guy Short’s C&M Strategies received a total of $157,000 from MichelePAC between January 2011 and July 2012, when Bachmann was primarily preoccupied with presidential pursuits, according to FEC filings.

Now the prospect of a House Ethics Committee investigation into Bachmann’s presidential campaign adds an additional indignity to the self-inflicted disasters of her political career... [T]he people who know Bachmann best respect her the least.

He gives a few examples and then some. Please read the entire post here.

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