Begala on the GOP "autopsy": "Did you really think people who deny evolution are going to adapt?"


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The Republican party must be dead if the party itself called their post-election self-examination an autopsy. They keep insisting that they're reinventing themselves, but I've posted a zillion (yes, a zillion) stories that contradict that claim:

So which is it, GOP? Open contempt for marriage equality or “outreach”? “Inquiring upchuckers want to know.”

GOP autopsy: “The victim was probably dead for a long time, just didn’t know it.”

VIDEO: “Small government guy” Rand Paul “wants government big enough to monitor every single pregnancy in the country.”

North Dakota banned all abortions by defining life at conception. So much for GOP reinventing itself.

GOP reinvention? Republican WI Gov. Scott Walker to push school vouchers

“Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum tried to out-Jesus each other, eschewing any message of inclusion.”

Understatement o’ the Day: “To voters, today’s Republican candidates don’t look like nice people.”

Dear GOP: Do you think America is deaf, blind, and/or stupid? On second thought, don’t answer that.

Dear GOP: Grow up.

“Don’t be fooled” by the so-called GOP makeover. “Rarely has it been more dangerous.”

I'll stop there.

The GOP is a mess and they admit it, but they aren't exactly helping themselves.

The Daily Beast on Michele Bachmann's latest pickle:

“Some people make a splash and some people belly flop. She belly flopped. And you don’t get a second chance at the diving board.” [...]

Now the prospect of a House Ethics Committee investigation into Bachmann’s presidential campaign adds an additional indignity to the self-inflicted disasters of her political career… [T]he people who know Bachmann best respect her the least.

She sure hasn't evolved.

Politico on Paul Ryan:

He seems to have fallen entirely off the radar of early state Republicans. Democrats bring up his name with more zeal than do people in his own party. And his footprint at the Conservative Political Action Conference was so faint that his being an afterthought was itself an afterthought.

What the heck has happened to Paul Ryan?

He DEvolved. Then again, so many conservatives have.

Paul Begala at The Daily Beast on "Jurassic Republicans":

The far right howled when the autopsy was released. No shock there. Did you really think people who deny evolution are going to adapt? The report shines a light on what so many Republican politicians refuse to see: a bridge to the past is a bridge to nowhere. [...]

To be a conservative today is to fear tomorrow. But most Americans don’t want to go back to 1955. There was no Medicare—and one in four seniors were impoverished. There was no integration in the South—and Emmett Till was murdered in Mississippi. Rosa Parks was arrested for sitting in the front of a bus. There were no oral contraceptives, much less abortion rights. The Supreme Court was 100 percent male, 100 percent white. The Senate was 100 percent white and 99 percent male.

The more I read, the more I hear on the radio, the more I see on TV, the more it seems like that's exactly the way all too many conservatives want it. How sad is that? It's not good for the party, and certainly not good for the country, but they persist in their Jurassic ways regardless.

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