PhotOH! Well, come on, if a**holes can get married...


Being an asshole is part of my manly essencegay if choice so what, people choose to be assholes, they marry

This photo (H/t: @GaryBlackmon) comes to us courtesy of the Stop Gay Bashing page on Facebook, which features these messages:

It's time to put a stop to Anti-Gay Bullying and Harassment in life. We are here to give hope and advice to those who need it and to stop this nonsense once and for all.

Just a reminder to everyone: This is a page where hate, bigotry & ignorance is NOT TOLERATED and will get you permanently banned. If you don't have anything positive to say, then please by all means Unlike the page. No one is forcing you to linger here. Remember, LOVE conquers EVERYTHING. So with that said, PEACE & LOVE from all of us here at Stop Gay Bashing.

Promoting equality, as illustrated by the aptly named Equality House below, is truly American. I not only "Liked" that Facebook page, I loved it.

Topeka, Kansas house across from the Westboro Baptist Church.

Screen grab from video of Topeka, Kansas house across from the Westboro Baptist Church.

  • I think Churches are not against Gay Unions per se, but Marriage is their gig but more importantly, the way the Church inveigles itself a place in the Community. You marry at a Church, you baptize your children at the Church, you attend as a family, build connections to other families, and even commemorate the end of a life. All along your life, through major events, the Church is there, and by its influence, it builds that community.

    Same Sex marriage makes the Church uncomfortable, but also since the Church is not sure about the religality of #LGBTQ, this represents a threat to their hold on the Community. That's what Churches are afraid of.