VIDEO: Someone finally explains "Obamacare" state exchanges


obamacare haven't been taken over by Soviets

Melissa Harris-Perry was on a roll today. First she opened her heart to the 16-year-old Steubenville rape survivor: You “are not alone. We have failed you. I believe in you.”

Here are another couple of segments, this time on the Affordable Care Act. By the way, Huffington Post reminds us that the Senate has voted 36 times to repeal the health care law.

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Jay Angoff, former Health and Human Services Dep't. official:

Exchanges are websites. They're places to buy insurance. And today, for most people, the place will be the Internet. So regardless of what state you live in, if you don't get insurance at work, you'll be able to go on the Internet, punch in the answers to four questions which are: Age, location which will be zip code, family size, and whether you smoke or not. And based on those four questions, you will get quotes from every insurance company selling insurance through the exchange. That's a terrific thing.

And so people won't be turned down because of health status. they won't be able to be charged more based on health status... this will facilitate competition, allow people to make apples to apples comparisons. They'll see which company is selling the best product for the lowest price. That should drive down prices.

Insurance companies have to sell through the exchanges. They can't afford not to. This is a huge new market of an estimated 16 million people. Insurance companies have to sell to these people. In addition, they're losing people now. So they have to sell to the exchanges.

Here is the segment on Medicaid:

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It's not just poor people who want this. And this is why I think even people like Governor Perry ultimately will accept the Medicaid expansion. The hospitals want it. The hospitals need to get paid. And even the Chambers of Commerce who are not generally thought of as advocates for the poor, the Chambers of Commerce want it because it's good for business. So because it's good for hospitals, because hospitals need to get paid, because the Chambers of Commerce want it, I think even  governors like Rick Perry in Texas will accept Medicaid.