VIDEO: Obama, Netanyahu press conference, including admonishing NBC's Chuck Todd for asking too many questions


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As I watched the Obama/Netanyahu Press Conference Moment of More-Than-Chuck-Todd-Bargained-For live, I noticed tweets flying by saying things like:

"Chuck Todd. Sigh."

"I know. I caught that. Hope msm is listening (Hear that FOX?) Todd's pissing me off again tho"

"#ChuckTodd such an a**hole!"

Seems Chuck overstepped just a tad by jamming in more questions than was allotted to each reporter. The responses he got were in fun, but made the point.

President Obama:

"Chuck, How many you got? Do you guys do this in the Israeli press? You say you get one question and then you add like five? You see how the young lady from Channel One, she had one question, she was very well-behaved, Chuck?"


"These are Talmudic questions -- they have iterations."


"I thought I had four questions. Passover starts in a couple days, I get four questions, right?"


"Look, and this is not a kosher question, but don't hog it."

Chuck, to Netanyahu:

"My question to you was going to be, why do you believe the Israeli people have not embraced President Obama the same way they've embraced our last two U.S. presidents?"

President Obama:

"So you had to get a polling question in there right at the end. Chuck. I mean you're just incorrigible."

Then there was Todd's question about why peace talks have stumbled during the president's first term. Here is the president's answer:

"Look, the opening premise to your question was, having failed to achieve peace in my first term, then I must have screwed up somehow... My commitment was not to achieve a peace deal in my first year, or my second year, or my third year, that would have been nice. What I said was, I was not gonna wait to START on the issue until my second term, because I thought it was too important, and that's exactly what I did."

so there

Here are the opening remarks:

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