"The fact is Rep. Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party Caucus has been inactive for several months."


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The fact is that Michele Bachmann is a lying, delusional crackpot who still can't pronounce the word "United" (she says "Unine-ed States"), as you can see in this video:

The entire segment is here and is not embeddable.

But that's not important now. What is important is, per Roll Call, this:

[T]he fact is Rep. Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party Caucus has been inactive for several months.

The caucus, much heralded and well-covered by the press when it was created in 2010 as a congressional conduit for the national movement of the same name, has not announced a public meeting since July, and the group’s Twitter account has been silent since September.

Their spokesman, Dan Kotman, claims they've been meeting with activists “behind the scenes” and will become more active again during the current session of Congress. He also said they've been doing a lot of listening. Theirs is not to talk, but to listen, says he. Given Bachmann's propensity for tea-babble, you could have fooled us.

Kotman also blamed redistricting. He says members have to get used to their new territories.

He should have blamed his fellow tea partiers:

In a CNN/ORC Poll published this month, 48 percent of respondents said they have an unfavorable view of the tea party movement.

Their inactivity is just as well, since nobody is paying much attention to them anyway.

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  • Andy Marquis

    Then again, the only part of the Constitution they care about is the Second Amendment.

  • Andy Marquis

    So they haven't had their weekly Constitution workshop???