Sen. Dick Durbin: Assault weapon ban won’t be in gun measure.


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Once again, our elected officials are listening with their wallets. Apparently, they forgot about this:

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The assault weapon ban is about to be, well, banned unless Dianne Feinstein can pull off a miracle and garner support for her amendment. Dick Durbin is saying that Senate gun-safety legislation won't include a proposal to ban assault-style weapons.

How’s that "gentleman’s agreement" workin' for ya, Harry? This could be why Durbin said, “We need to revisit” the filibuster rules.


Reid, a Nevada Democrat, told reporters he is working toward gun legislation that can get 60 votes to overcome Republican delaying tactics. He said Feinstein’s measure has fewer than 40 votes.

Expanding background checks, school safety measures, and tougher penalties for gun trafficking are still included.

 So is the ability to use the silent filibuster.