Photo- Why does the devil in History Channel's 'The Bible' look exactly like President Obama?



I accidentally sat thru Mark Burnett & Roma Downey oozing righteousness about this yesterday on Sunday Morning. Guess we know how they vote. Everyone commenting on this is quick to compare it to the "head" of GWB showing up in a "Game of Thrones" episode which was quickly removed from the re-airing of the show. Think they're going to change the devil if we make enough of a scene? Yeah, me neither. Via.

  • there goes freedom of speech, whats next our guns ,? oh yea their working on that too,oh a living tax ,im sorry they already done that too.wake up america.

  • kimbutgar

    I made the mistake of looking at the yahoo comments about this. I will never be the same, scarred for life. There is a resemble nice and Burnett and downey are lying Mfers. They knew there was a resemblence. I'm glad I never watched nor did I ever plan to. Just like the hit job they did on the Kennedy movie. I wonder if some of the producers are the same

  • Clancy

    I don't see much of a resemblance.

  • Whoa! REALLY? I supposed they make Jesus a white man as well.