VIDEO: When Democrats try to make valid points on Sunday talk shows, this is what often happens



How many times have you seen conservative guests on talk shows monopolize discussions, talk over the host and other guests, veer off onto tangential points of their choosing, avoid answering direct questions, and intentionally stray off the topic at hand?

And how many times have you seen Sunday talk show hosts allow that to happen? My answer: More often than not.

With that in mind, watch David Gregory cut off Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, former Democratic Lt. Governor of Maryland (Please note: Marriage equality is hugely important to me, and hosts do need to stay on point, but twice today, I noticed Democrats being cut off, not Republicans.):

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Kathleen Kennedy Townsend:

...Just to go back to the other issue, growth really could occur, as Keynes pointed out, by actually spending government money. You can see what has happened in England when everybody's practiced austerity. The currency is going down. And the unemployment is worse. So I don't know if the Republicans are really interested in growth if they're not actually saying, "Let's spend money now." This is our biggest challenge.

David Gregory:

I want to stay on the gay marriage issue if I can...

Nobody could stop you, David, so of course you can, you're the host. You control the conversation. And this conversation was inconveniently making a valid point that needed to reach a wider audience, your audience.

Now that won't happen.

And anyone who still believes there's such a thing as a "liberal media" needs to scroll through these posts.