Drunken cheating husband fights with wife, shoots his own finger trying to remove wedding band


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Another day, another idiotic shooting by a "responsible gun owner." This time it was a federal prison guard in Pennsylvania who got drunk and shot his own finger because he wanted to remove his wedding band. Yes, his own finger. Yes, he inflicted this upon himself.

Stupid Drunk Guy was at home, fighting with his wife over his infidelity (to quote Gilda Radner's Roseanne Roseannadanna, "You sound like a real attractive guy!"), and wouldn't you know it? He couldn't get his dang ring off his dang finger.

So what's a "good guy with a gun" to do? Shoot the dang ring off, of course.

One problem though: The idiot mangled his own finger, but still didn't manage to remove the ring. It remained in place.

Via TPM:

(AP) — On the day of the shooting, Malespini “had been drinking quite heavily throughout the day and he and his wife had been arguing throughout the day about an affair he had had several months ago,” Caskey said.

Malespini has been charged with disorderly conduct and was cited for firing a weapon within city limits but also is charged with reckless endangerment, a second-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to two years in prison. That’s because the bullet Malespini fired could have endangered someone else, Caskey said.

Yes, the "good guy with a gun" could have killed his wife. As noted in the hashtags by @KagroX in my post Police: Fla. teen who bought gun illegally accidentally shot off his penis and testicle. Got regret?





Second Amendment negligence.

  • The Second Amendment is gravely serious business (no pun intended); Idiots like LaPierre are worthless to the discussion, and Sen Feinstein can speak about banning assault weapons 'til she's blue in the face, that doesn't change the absolute intent of the right to bear arms.

    The First Amendment give us free speech, the Second Amendment gives us a means to protect that right. The Bill of Rights followed a bloody revolution to secure our freedom; Every amendment therein MUST be taken in THAT context.

    100+ years of government negligence in controlling weapons protected by the Second Amendment has produced a plethora of giant idiots with guns. As Ron White would say, "You can't fix 'stupid'" -- But, you can take "Stupid's" guns away...

  • pigboy

    Well, I guess that's one way to remove a wedding ring...... maybe next time he'll use soap before going for the gun.

    Did you see CNN's reporting on this?

    CNN grieves that guilty verdict ruined ‘promising’ lives of Steubenville rapists