Oh my! #CPAC2013 Tweet o' the Day reveals more GOP infighting, as does this VIDEO of Sarah Palin


palin cpac 2013

Recently there has been a whole lotta civil warrin' going on among those in the formerly-march-in-lockstep Republican Party. Here are a couple of examples of their post-November election infighting:

Republicans Eating Their Own: Angry tea party activists tell donors to shun “inept” Karl Rove

The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad GOP dissension-slash-implosion

One would think that their Big CPAC Event would bring them together. Instead, we're seeing more of the same. Even Sarah Palin aka Former Half-Gov Mouthy McEarSplit couldn't resist criticizing her own party:

So yes, that happened.  And so did this...

...Oh me oh my:

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