#CPAC2013 straw poll results


grasping at straws

Via an email alert from Politico:

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul eked out a narrow victory in the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll Saturday, with 25 percent of votes to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's 23 percent.

The runners-up were as follows: former Sen. Rick Santorum, 8 percent; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, 7 percent; Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, 6 percent; Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, 5 percent; Ben Carson, 4 percent; Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, 4 percent; Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, 3 percent; former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, 3 percent.

Other candidates received a combined 14 percent.

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Poor Sarah. If only she'd "stepped away from the teleprompter.” And maybe Bobby Jindal shouldn't have made that waterboarding joke.

Of course, Chris Christie and Paul Ryan didn't do much better, and Scott Walker and Ted Cruz continue to represent the back end of, well, everything.

The Libertarian, er, straw poll is meaningless, but it's always worth a chuckle.