VIDEO-- Jay Carney to Fox host: “If you did a little reporting…”


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"Well actually, Jenna, again, if you did a little reporting, you'd know that the Easter egg roll is open for a lot of military families. It's paid for by the sale of those eggs that come out as well as from donations on the outside. It's a totally different budget. These are apples and oranges."


White House Press Secretary Jay Carney had a Moment of Masochism and decided to appear on Fox News [sic]. "Happening Now" host Jenna Lee asked why the White House will still hold its annual "Easter egg roll" event but ended White House tours for "regular families."

Yes, the geniuses at Fox are still fixated on the tours instead of how the sequester will affect millions of Americans all over the country. HuffPo posted a few examples:

More than 400 civilian contractors are going to be laid of at Tobyhanna Army Depot in Pennsylvania because of sequestration and the end of the Iraq War.

An audit agency that helped save the government $4.2 billion last year will be weakened by the sequester.

An Iowa school board is considering firing 17 teachers because of sequestration and budget woes.

Roughly 1,000 military technicians in Indiana are going to lose a day of pay every week for the next five months because of the sequester.

Yet this is what the "liberal media" has been obsessing on:

media coverage White House tours sequester

bias liberal media my ass smaller

  • Well, Jay, that was your first mistake -- expecting Fox to do actual "reporting" . . .

  • Tours & Benghazi...Tours & Benghazi...Tours & Benghazi...C'mon Faux that is well-past its "Use by" date.

  • cognachas4paws

    This is just shameful! They focus on such inconsequential crap. You know, I've been to DC many times, I've never toured the White House and guess what? Still had a good time. Now they're onto Easter eggs.

    Good grief.

    People - real human beings - are being impacted in much more significant ways than not being able to go on a damn tour. I'm sorry, it's just - this pisses me off when they focus on silly stuff like this and you've got people losing pay, possibly losing their jobs. What is wrong with these news people?