VIDEO: Gov. Chris Christie says "I hear you, boy, I hear you" to African American man during town hall meeting


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This exchange took place in a Paterson, New Jersey church during a town hall meeting. Governor Chris Christie said this in response to an African American man who yelled out, "Fix the public schools!"

"You can yell all you want about 'Fix the public schools.' Yeah, I hear you, boy, I hear you."

So was Christie calling the man "Boy," or was he saying, "Boy, I hear you" as in, boy oh boy?

You tell me. My feeling is that, even if he didn't mean to offend, he could have chosen his words more carefully to avoid any misunderstanding. What he did was insensitive and showed a need for more, erm, self-awareness, not exactly his forte.

HuffPo has more, including this:

At the same event, Christie referred to Democratic Speaker Sheila Oliver only by her race and gender, prompting the pastor at the church to demand an apology.

Meanwhile, please take another look at why Chris Christie really is, and never has been, the "moderate" people say he is: Enough about what a great Democrat Chris Christie would make, okay? and VIDEO: Chris Christie not conservative? Bull pucky. Check out his record and Think for yourself. Ask questions. Do your homework.

Boy oh boy, is he not Democrat material.

Via Raw Story and, h/t: reader Bruce.

  • Pelu Maad

    So you're OK with being addressed as "white boy"?

  • Pelu Maad

    Good rant...

  • Pelu Maad

    LOL....test your a "black" man boy....get back to us on the response.....

  • Pelu Maad

    Awww damn...I was starting to like him...

  • This fat white man just went down in flames.

  • Jeez, referring to someone by color and gender if you don't know their name is descriptive expediency. I was trying to describe someone that worked at a store that new where something was without saying he was black and thought this is bullshit. Called him the big burly black dude and they knew exactly who I was talking about. This post on Christy is a stretch.

  • Guest

    I'm no Christy fan but the boy thing is a lot like feigned conservative outrage. There's two definitions for boy. Christy was using the latter.

    A male child or young man.
    Used to express strong feelings, esp. of excitement or admiration: "oh boy, that's wonderful!".

  • Thanks for the rant!

  • pigboy

    It truly is baffeling how so many support this guy.

    The whole republican phylosophy, sells every working man, woman and childs' "soul to the company store".
    Unable to afford health insurance, rent, electricity, gas, forclosed homes, no worker protections and the list goes on and on.

    And then to top it off, after losing everything, after being blocked at every corner, trying to do the right thing, Christy and his kind condemn and disguard all those efforts.

    Christy represents the "makers" and they are not hiring, they are not investing in US bonds, they only care about themselves and not about this country.
    Anyway, I am ranting.
    Thanks for posting this Laffy