VIDEO ADDED: Bobby Jindal makes waterboarding joke at #CPAC2013


not funny hahaha no

Here are a few examples of what conservatives think is funny:

Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) Cracks Joke About Waterboarding At Senate Hearing:

John McCain jokes about “mercilessly interrogating, waterboarding” John Kerry at confirmation hearing:

Bobby Jindal at CPAC just minutes ago:

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As I've said before, the above lame attempts at wit (or in their cases, half wit) by Republicans inexplicably continue to get laughs... from other Republicans. And each time this occurs, these pathetic clowns get a pass on this particular brand of what passes for humor.

Who writes their material, Dick Cheney?

ADDED-- Here's the video:

  • EdieVP

    Lets hold a waterboarding contest and see which one of these clowns will last. Oops forgot to let one up, we over did it, he's a gonna.

  • jimpower

    War crimes are awesome! Particularly, when there's no punishment meted out to war criminals! Hee-haw!!

  • Mr. B

    "Who writes their material, Dick Cheney?

    No -- Sean Hannity, who thinks waterboarding is a joke, yet refuses to undergo it three years after promising to do so for charity: