Oops! Three Wisconsin voucher schools got state money after losing accreditation


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Previously I posted about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wanting more “choice,” but does Wisconsin spend more per student on vouchers than public schools?

Today JSOnline is reporting that a few Wisconsin schools got state money even though they'd lost their accreditation.

Three private schools in Milwaukee continued to receive taxpayer money through the voucher program after losing their accreditation, under a loophole in state law that requires such schools to obtain that official approval but not maintain it. [...]

But on Wednesday, the head of the agency that rescinded its approval of Brenda Noach and Washington DuBois said that both of those schools have now been reinstated.

Still, the questions raised by the DPI accreditation reports illuminate an oversight hiccup for the voucher programs in Milwaukee and Racine.

Of course, Scott Walker is proposing the expansion of  the voucher school program to other cities. What could possibly go wrong?

Accreditation is important for voucher schools because they are not required to follow the same regulations as public schools. [...]

Separate from the accreditation issues, the DPI [Department of Public Instruction] is withholding a portion of each of the three schools' voucher payment because of a failure to meet financial or other reporting requirements.

Privatization: It's the Republican dream.