VIDEO: Little League team raises funds by raffling off AR-15 rifle


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family values my ass

Nothing says family values better than an Illinois Little League raffling off AR-15 military-style rifles like the one Adam Lanza used to massacre six-year-olds at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and by the Aurora, Colorado shooter.


The Atwood-Hammond group partnered with the local armory for the raffle, which launched on Tuesday. "It has been going gangbusters," Charidy Butcher, co-owner of the Atwood Armory, told “My phone has been ringing nonstop since 4:30 this morning. It’s just been crazy."

Butcher said she's received calls from people as far away as Washington state wanting to enter the June 29 drawing. A ticket costs $20.

"Considered a deadly weapon by some"? Did I hear that correctly? So it's not "considered" a deadly weapon by others, just by some? What else could it be used for, a paper weight?

Think Progress:

[G]un manufacturers have worked hard to associate assault weapons with children. The industry has released ads and articles encouraging children to ask for an AR-15 for Christmas. In internal studies, manufacturers were advised to “start them young” and “target programs toward youth 12 years old and younger.”

Here is the ad that TP is referring to: Ad: Hey kids! “Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a Bushmaster AR-15 under your tree some frosty Christmas morning!”

Family values my ass.