"Is it just Mexicans whom people want to stop?"


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Today's L.A. Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Is the border secure?," March 10

Supporters of building a nearly impenetrable fence along the U.S.-Mexico border say such a barrier would go a long way toward stopping illegal immigration.

However, an estimated 40% of the illegal immigrants already in the United States (more than 4 million of the total) are visa abusers. These are people who came to the United States with a valid visa (tourist, student or others) and stayed past the expiration. Many of them don't look like Mexicans, and they blend into our society. They work as physical therapists, accountants and other middle-class professionals.

So how will the United States stop the flow of illegal immigrants to this country? Or is it just Mexicans whom people want to stop?

Odille Hansen

Culver City