If this report is true, I will cancel my subscription to the L.A. Times



In November 2012, I wrote BIG problem: Former News Corp. exec expected to head Tribune Co., Rupert Murdoch eyes LA Times, Chicago Tribune.

Thankfully, that didn't happen, but something else did. Things just got worse.

Dear L.A. Times,

If you do what the report below says you may do, we will cancel our subscription, and we will suggest to everybody we know that they cancel theirs.



Via Think Progress:

Right-wing funders and business industrialists David and Charles Koch may purchase the Tribune Company newspapers, which include the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, and the Los Angeles Times. The brothers are “interested in the clout they could gain through the Times’ editorial pages,” the Hollywood Reporter notes.

Because, you know, the Koch brothers just don't have enough clout.

Via daromano

As I said back in November, feel free to contact the L.A. Times with a letter to the editor or their “convenient comment form.” For questions about journalistic standards, practices and accuracy, contact the Readers’ Representative Office by e-mail, phone (877) 554-4000 or fax (213) 237-3535.