Poll-itics: Congress approval drops from 15% to 13%


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Via Gallup:

gallup congress

Gee, what could possibly be causing such low approval ratings for our governing bodies? It couldn't be all the Republican obstructionism. Nor is there even the remotest possibility of their stubborn inaction on the jobs front. Of course, the GOP fixation on restrictive abortion laws has nothing to do with it. Could this have to do with Congress members' refusal to reverse their idiotic sequestration vote? Or lack of movement on President Obama's nominees? Infighting? Nah. Tantrums? Of course not. No way is this about yet another fetal personhood  bill cosponsored by Paul Ryan. And it's obvious this has zero to do with all the ludicrous conspiracy theories and endless hearings on Solyndra, "Fast and Furious," Benghazi, et al. Voter suppression efforts could have no effect whatsoever, right? War on Women? Don't be silly. Discrimination against gays? Oh come now. Exclusion doesn't count, don't be silly!

So what could possibly account for such low numbers?