Poll-itics: Congress approval drops from 15% to 13%


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Via Gallup:

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Gee, what could possibly be causing such low approval ratings for our governing bodies? It couldn't be all the Republican obstructionism. Nor is there even the remotest possibility of their stubborn inaction on the jobs front. Of course, the GOP fixation on restrictive abortion laws has nothing to do with it. Could this have to do with Congress members' refusal to reverse their idiotic sequestration vote? Or lack of movement on President Obama's nominees? Infighting? Nah. Tantrums? Of course not. No way is this about yet another fetal personhood  bill cosponsored by Paul Ryan. And it's obvious this has zero to do with all the ludicrous conspiracy theories and endless hearings on Solyndra, "Fast and Furious," Benghazi, et al. Voter suppression efforts could have no effect whatsoever, right? War on Women? Don't be silly. Discrimination against gays? Oh come now. Exclusion doesn't count, don't be silly!

So what could possibly account for such low numbers?


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  • The problem lies in the Republican Caucus. It's the House' job to write the legislation and spend the money. They have produced no viable jobs bills in 5 years and obstructed every proposal this president has put on the table, regardless of whether or not they were for it before he got elected. This has hurt this recovery in every possible way. to make every issue before congress a crisis, a hostage situation, is un-American and Treasonous. In addition, the Republican minority in the Senate has issued over 300 Filibusters, blocking bills like the Dream Act, The American Jobs Act, The Fair Pay for Women Act. they filibustered cabinet posts and approved these same posts afterwards, Mitch McConnell actually Filibustered himself on the floor of the Senate, how utterly moronic. This is pure unadulterated OBSTRUCTION!
    So i'ts up to you America. Do you prefer a representative who just wants to block this presidents agenda, or do you want a representative who will move the country forward, create jobs, protect your rights and not repeal them and make life for your children a little better. Monitor how your rep votes. Are they voting your best interests? Are they truly putting "Country First?" Or are they puppets of Dark Money and Corporate Greed who want to create a country of Right to Work for Less, No Unions, No overtime, No benefits, No healthcare. No choice, Rigged Elections, Gerrymandered Districts. These are the bills they are passing, while they ignore the real issues. Revenue! Jobs will add new revenue, end Oil and Farm Subsidies, reduce the bloated Defense Budget, end Corporate welfare (40% of all US Corporations pay no taxes), end off shoring of assets to avoid taxes, reform the Capital Gains Tax and the Carried Interest Tax (d why should the rich pay only 14% on money earned when we pay from 20-30% on our income earned with sweat). Why aren't the congressional salaries affected by this recession? Everyone of us took a haircut after 2008 while they continue to get paid $175,000+ for doing nothing, working only 100 days. It's ludicrous.
    The days of squeezing the working class, the poor and the elderly to distribute wealth to the top 2% are over. Trickle Down has failed miserably for Reagan, and for the last 12 years. To continue to try the same failed solutions to solve a problem, thinking the results will be different is insane!

  • Then why do we keep reelecting Senators? The popularity of the Senate as a whole is completely meaningless, and quoting it is an exercise in futility as long as we keep saying that "the other 48 Senators are the problem and my Semators are fine" and reelecting them.