Video- Ron Johnson (R-WI) Gets the Facts Wrong on Social Security


I like Krugman's "non facts". I think he means lies. Via.

  • That's something ALL Republicans like to play on!

    Whenever Republicans were in power over the past two decades they used the Social Security trust fund as a piggy bank to pay for wars, tax cuts, or the creation of new agencies like Homeland Security.

    When Al Gore suggested a "lock box" for Social Security ALL Republicans laughed ........ not just the politicians but also those who were stupid enough to vote Republican!

    The truth is that Republicans want to use FICA to balance the entire budget! That combined with increased sales taxes and various fees in RED states will "balance" the budget in a way that the wealthy can forever keep the working class under their thumb!

    IMHO "republicanism" should be listed as a mental health disorder!!!!

    Or maybe it should be a crime ;^)

  • Sally

    I no longer know if the GOP believes this load of crap about SS, or if they are just outright liars. I'm leaning toward the latter, however.