VIDEO-- Paul Krugman: Jeb Bush is "one of those people who says 'frankly' just before he delivers a big whopper."


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The roundtable on This Week with George Stephanapolous included (thankfully) Paul Krugman who was in good form, as Paddy pointed out in her post Video- Ron Johnson (R-WI) Gets the Facts Wrong on Social Security.

In the clip above, Krugman zinged the easily-zinged Jeb Bush, who said this:

"I haven't seen the seriousness of the president's-- efforts. I'd love to see a specific plan that really did reform-- bend the cost curve for Medicare and the entitlement system. I haven't seen it, so-- if there is-- through these talks, some kind of consensus that emerged, I don't think you should say, "No, no, no--" about anything.

"Frankly, there was already been one of the largest tax increases in American history a month ago. And frankly, we ought to be focused on sustained economic growth, which grows more revenue for people and for government than any tax increase-- that's been suggested, so there are a lot of things that could be done to create a real grand bargain. And-- let the process work. I'm hopeful that the president's sincere about this."

Paul Krugman didn't waste an opportunity:

"So, I just learned something really important from this interview about Jeb Bush which is he's one of those people who says 'frankly' just before he delivers a big whopper. So that 'frankly' we're going to deal with the deficit by economic growth. Come on. He has no plan. Anyway, that was impressive. It's an object lesson. I mean, he's just shown us the perils of political pandering. He wrote a book for the immigration debate the way it was a few months ago and got caught flat-footed by the way it shifted."


Here is the entire segment: