Welcome to my world: "#WhyRepublicansNeedToGo -- Whoever created this ignorant hashtag is on food stamps."


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Every now and then on Twitter, I get a notification of an impending "Twitter bomb." That means that at a specified time, as many people as possible organize to tweet a certain hashtag (#) so that a message will be sent out in large numbers, simultaneously, get a lot of attention, and hopefully trend.

Last night I got word that #WhyRepublicansNeedToGo would be the hashtag du jour. I decided to jump in for the heck of it and posted a couple of tweets like (if I remember correctly): "#WhyRepublicansNeedToGo Two words: Eric Cantor. Two more: Paul Ryan" and "#WhyRepublicansNeedToGo Gay rights, civil rights, women's rights, voting rights, and that's just for starters."

I mentioned nothing about Rand Paul (who delivered the ninth longest filibuster in U.S. history), other than to retweet breaking news updates. I didn't say whether I agreed or disagreed with him or with the speaking filibuster or with his efforts to block John Brennan's confirmation. I offered no opinion one way or the other.

However, had anyone bothered to ask, which nobody did, I would have said that I support a speaking filibuster (and oppose incessant GOP obstruction), I am not thrilled with Brennan, I am against the use of drones to target Americans, I am for major oversight of the use of drones by any president, I am for due process, getting a fair trial in a U.S. (civilian) court of law, and against assassinating Americans and denying them the option to give themselves up.

That said, I got an onslaught of trolls, all of them Rand Paul devotees, sending inane, nasty, baiting, and/or stupid tweets last night shortly after Twitter Bomb Thirty.

I'm sharing a few of them with you because 1) I've been meaning to do expose you to some of the extreme comments I get for awhile now to show you what many of us deal with on a daily basis, and 2) to point out the mentality of most of the tweets I get from Republicans and Libertarians. They always initiate these direct "conversations," I never do.

What concerns me is not so much the infantile nature of the tweets, because that's easy enough to ignore, but that so many people (or perhaps bots, accounts created solely for this purpose) have such hostility, anger, misinformation, ignorance, and feel the necessity to repeatedly direct it at those with whom they disagree. Even after I inform trolls that they are being blocked, they continue to obliviously tweet me as if I can see their tweets (there are ways to see them, which is how I know they do this).

Their irrationality and rage infects nearly every tweet.

Republicans, be careful what and whom you rile up, incite, and embrace. As the Southern Poverty Law Center is warning, this is fast becoming another Oklahoma City bombing waiting to happen:

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Below are a few samples of what I was bombarded with last night. Notably, a recurring theme is that, after they enter my stream with intentionally provocative tweets and/or misinformation and I choose to block, they default to phony outrage. They get huffy and whiny over being deprived of their First Amendment rights, which of course, pertain to government censorship, not Twitter's option to block tweets:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Welcome to my world:

@CreepySteveEnt (Bio: "game dev hobbyist"):

Keep drinking the blue Kool-aid. If this was a Democrat in 2006, your panties would have been wet.

if you were a dude, I'd have replaced that last part about with "jerking off." Not everything that references sex is sexist

but, I guess its easier to just yell "sexist" than try to understand why people think you are an idiot.

Not every mention of skin color is racist. Not every reference to vaginas is sexist. Get over yourself

 u r fucking braindamaged. "You'd be jerking off about a Democrat doing the same in 2006" wouldn't be called sexist

But, because I was referencing a girl... Completely different. Typical liberal victim syndrome.

People don't say mean things 2 u because of ur sex. They say mean things 2 u because you have your head up ur ass.


I didn't know that I lacked rights as a woman. Are you referring to little women in the womb? (I remember commenting about how developed the fetus must be if she's referring to it as a little woman)

Another liberal that hates free speech if it means having a different opinion: @GottaLaff who blocks people she's too ignorant to debate.

@JustinYoung30 (who apparently thinks teachers are worthy of disdain):

@GottaLaff no shit you're not a republican. That's your problem. I'm gonna guess you're a teacher or leaching the system 

@goodolick (3 followers, and please note the spelling of "you're" from the account who called me stupid.):

@GottaLaff your a special kind of stupid aren't you?

@ItsTheGrumpyCat ::

#WhyRepublicansNeedToGo Whoever created this ignorant hashtag is on food stamps. 

@KicheMalko (Bio: hard and raw with no regard for the law): 

@GottaLaff "civil rights" like letting illegal immigrants live have welfare and food stamps? "voting rights" like let illegals vote?

@GottaLaff i dont know how im being rude but i think you need to be a little more educated on something called the constitution (I believe I reminded Malko that civil rights are indeed constitutional and that nobody has ever suggested that anyone should be allowed to vote illegally.)

What is the cause of all their anger? Why do they feel so afraid? Is it our African American president? Is it that whites are becoming a minority? Is it that they have an unhealthy reliance on firearms and solving problems with violence, so they feel common sense gun safety measures are a threat? Is it the "civil war" within their own party that makes them uneasy? They're feeling powerless, so they have to dominate in inappropriate and dangerous ways?

Whatever it is, it is not good for this country, and they need to start listening more, agree to disagree, grow up, read and become aware of facts instead of relying solely on sources like Fox for their talking points, educate themselves, research, become more willing to hear opposing views, try using some civility, empathize, and realize we're all in this together.


  • Yeah, that's how they are.  I posted one little comment about "just shut up already" or something similar directed to a retweet of Caribou Barbie to Rand Paul and I got bombed with the stupidest replies.  I blocked 'em all.  

  • It's a mixture of safety in anonymity and hysteria. The hysteria is constantly kept on edge, fed and promoted by teabaggers, the rich white men, and the puppet masters (allthesame). The trolls don't understand they're being manipulated and have no real value to the puppet masters. Why? Because they are stupid. Or ignorant. Or just plain soci0paths.

  • Well, doesn't that just suck?  This must be why they never asked me in the first place?  😀

  • r_dale

    Charlie Pierce calls Ron Paul "Crazy Uncle Liberty," and has a rule that states he make sense for five minutes, but at 5:01, the trolley goes off the rails.  And the same for his son, Aqua Buddha, too.

  • They're full of fear, because for the last 30 years, they've been told to fear. They're afraid of science, of women, gay people, people of color. They're terrified of their own government.  Now, there's more of us than there are of them. And we're in charge of the government.

  •  Here's what Twitter told me about that:

    IP addresses are commonly shared by numerous different users in avariety of locations. Blocking a single IP, therefore, may prevent alarge number of unrelated users from logging in to Twitter. Inaddition, IP addresses are easy to change and any blocks can be easilycircumvented by logging in from a different location, a third-partyservice, or one of many free websites or applications.
    Because IP blocking is generally ineffective at stopping this kind ofbehavior, and may falsely prevent legitimate users from accessing ourservice, Twitter doesn't block individual IPs in situations like this.
    If you notice similar behavior in the future, please feelfree to file a ticket and reference this ticket number, and we caninvestigate the situation.
    Thank you,TheCaptainTwitter Trust & Safety

  • It is ugly.  The thing that I am starting to understand though, is that many of these trolls have no attachment to a particular ideology, they're just out there to be contrary and rude, as a way to pass time and vent, when in their "real life" they can't do such a thing.  They need to get laid.
    I'm not sure why Twitter can't block an IP address from having a certain number of accounts.  They just churn the accounts when they get blocked.  Seems to me there's actually an answer to some of this.

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    Yup. Was attacked relentless early last week after a twitter bomb. They were not giving up, even after a couple of days. BLOCK-BLOCK-BLOCK-BLOCK-BLOCK... 

  • jmcaninch68

    So glad you wrote this; vile attacks last night on me as well. Blocked & moved on but shocked. Geez.

  • Paul Browne

    You said it all with "they need to .... read and become aware of facts". Reading much more widely would be a great first step. How can anyone develop a balanced view of anything when only consulting one or two references. Facts might work as well. Lol!

  • I didn't participate in the twitter bomb, so glad I didn't. The trolling was over the top, last night. I was overwhelmed by the bile that was spewed, no debate, just vile attacks on anyone who disagrees. Laffy got more than her share last night. Trolls have no decency. Block them.

  • Wow.  I really appreciate what you do and what you endure.  I, for one, am afraid to put myself out there with merely a tweet, knowing what may come back at me.  I try to have a quick response in my head, just in case.  Sad. 

  • It's HATE!

    It's really that simple ....... Republicans must HATE to survive!

    The hate is transferable and not limited to only one group! 

  • Sometimes I want to... but then I realize that wouldn't solve anything. So either I play Whack a Troll (banter with them a little, usually pointing out their idiocy), block, or very occasionally, have a decent convo with the very very few who are civil.

  • See? This is WHY I don't do what you do—I'd freakin' want to throttle the crap out of...Oh never mind. I'm glad you're doing it!