Video- Lindsey Graham: AR-15's Needed to Protect Against "Roaming Gangs"


Via TP.

  • The country is rife with roaming gangs. Evidently, Mr. Graham lives with Mad Max somewhere in the outback. I am a gun owner and I can tell you what most policemen will tell you. An Ar15 is the worst gun for home protection. The .223 round will go through a cement block, or 1/4" Steel. The round will go through your walls and possible hit your neighbor's kids. Cops will tell you to use a shotgun if you must have a gun for protection. I ask what experience Mr. Graham has with these weapons and if he's just misinforming the Nation about something he knows nothing about, and these roaming gangs are a figment of his overactive imagination. I would like to see some evidence of these Roaming Gangs anywhere in the country. Maybe he's referring to Obama's Black Army that RW conspiracy mongers are predicting will come to your house and take your guns. Absolute lunacy!
    These armed gangs he speaks about, where did they get their weapons. He's creating his own catch 22.

  • Roaming Gangs?????? Someone please check his Netflicks account to see what he has been watching. Is SC a med marijane state, afterall, the combination of violent movies of roaming gangs and toking at the same time may have profound debilitating effects on ones' world view.

  • bpollen

    Well, Linseed... Lindsey, what if they have tanks?  What if these roving gangs are actually the Chinese Army?  What if they have nukes?  What if they are Martians who LAUGH at your puny Earth weapons? 

    For ultimate home safety, sir, shouldn't every household have a new and improved Death Star?

  • Yes Mr. Graham - you ARE unreasonable not only on this but most issues.