"People want to hang" Mark Sanford, self-proclaimed "Buddhist Christian"


mark sanford buddhist christian

In case you somehow missed it, Mark Sanford said that if you say God forgives you, then cheating on your wife and lying to America shouldn’t matter any more. He then asserted, “None of us go through life without mistakes.” To which I continue to respond, define “mistakes.”

Also, to refresh your memories, Stephen Colbert’s sister is running as a Dem in the South Carolina House race… against Mark Sanford.

And finally, to recap, Sanford is the former South Carolina governor whose Appalachian Trail led him straight to political hell. But he’s still with his Argentine “soul mate” and fiancé, María Belén Chapur and has avoided criminal charges following an ethics investigation, so everything is just dandy… especially now that he’s convinced himself that his god decided he can be the “family values” guy who Republicans will actually trust and vote for again.

Now that you're all caught up, allow me to share some random and amusing tidbits from an L.A. Times article, "Mark Sanford gambles on South Carolina's forgiveness."

For example, Sanford's ex, Jenny, who ran his earlier campaigns and wrote a "blistering book about their marriage" popped out with this:

"Mark did ask me to run his campaign and I told him clearly, I wasn't interested. I also declined requests to help others in the race and hope to remain fully on the sidelines watching the race unfold like everyone else in the 1st District," she wrote in response to an emailed question. Jenny Sanford herself pondered running, but dismissed Congress as a "dysfunctional" waste of her time.

Wait. So Mr. Family Values broke his vows to Jenny (and of course, broke his oath of office), but then asked her to run his campaign? As if she and her fellow scorned voters would want to ever support him ever again in the history of ever? He seriously had the unmitigated nerve to ask her to do that? Wowzers.

Here's another fascinating little nugget:

Sanford's appeals to old constituents can verge on psychobabble, with practiced lines like, "Our brokenness is indeed our connection." More recently, he remarked that he had been so focused on living in the moment that he was becoming "a Buddhist Christian."

What exactly is a Buddhist Christian? "Buddhist Christians" everywhere are scratching their Buddhist Christian heads.

As for pscyhobabble, I'm pretty sure we can call just about anything that dribbles out of Appalachian Mark's mouth "babble" by a "psycho." But psychobabble? That's too complicated for his overworked, undersized mind.

Enter Teddy Turner, son of Ted Turner:

[Teddy Turner], a teacher at a private high school who said he had already put $200,000 of his own money into the race, predicted that Sanford would have a hard time surviving a runoff. He said internal polling showed that only a minority of voters were backing the former governor and that "the rest of the people want to hang him."

That can't end well.

Meantime, Sanford is "proudly telling voters how he rejected federal money under President Obama's stimulus package. (He makes no reference to the fact that he accepted some of the stimulus money.)"

And the hypocrisy continues.

family values my ass