VIDEO: NRA tells African Americans they need guns to protect themselves from government


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Earlier I posted RNC Chair Reince Priebus now wants to play hero with minorities GOP hasn’t wanted to touch with a 10-foot car elevator. He's falling all over himself to ingratiate Republicans to African American and Latino voters, among others.

Maybe he should start by texting his BFFs at the NRA to STFU instead of telling African Americans: You’ll Need Guns To Protect Yourselves From The Government:

"No one wants to fight for their protection, they want the government to do it. The same government who at one point hosed us down with water, attacked us with dogs, and wouldn’t allow us to eat at their restaurants, and told us we couldn’t own guns..."

"David Gregory wears make-up and has a spray-on tan, and he was able to get his hands on an illegal magazine." [David Gregory, NBC not charged for possession of gun magazine, but blasted by DC Attorney General]

"This is self-preservation. It's about natural rights."

"Guy telling me to get rid of my guns when I need them the most isn’t my friend, isn’t looking out for my best interests, and doesn’t speak for me or the community that I’m part of."

That "natural rights" line has become a (laughable) talking point that is tweeted to me by gun nuts regularly.  I didn't realize how unnecessary (and clearly unnatural) laws were, nor that firearms were a gift from Mother Nature. Who knew we were born with guns in our cold dead baby hands? Apparently, some men believe they were born with them in their pants, but that's another post for another day.

Think Progress:

Gun violence kills 30,000 Americans each year and disproportionately impacts communities of color. ... The gun-homicide “rate for black males is 2.4 times as high as that of Latino males, and it is 15.3 times as high as the rate for non-Hispanic white males.” In 2008 and 2009 gun homicide was “the leading cause of death among black teens, and the rates of gun-related deaths are highest for black male teens.”

Teens living in dangerous communities, where guns are often easily accessible, are stuck in a cycle of violence...

Here's what shows up on the NRA's YouTube page under the video:

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  • NRA tells African Americans they need guns to protect themselves from government

    As an African American, I feel I'd need a gun to protect myself from other gun nuts -- like the NRA and Colion Noir -- before needing it to protect myself from the gov't . . .

  • RingoDeathStarr

    How'd that work out for Chris Dorner?