If you like Lewis Black, Thom Hartmann, Mike Papantonio, and Las Vegas, but aren't thrilled with "tort reform", read this


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The Mass Torts Made Perfect Conference coming up. What the heck is that? you may be asking. Well you would be right to ask. Mike Papantonio, the superb progressive host of Ring of Fire and guest host for Ed Schultz's radio show, is holding a conference for plaintiff's lawyers in Vegas in April.

Are you yawning yet? You shouldn't be and here's why.

Great progressive lawyers will be there, and so will our own Cliff Schecter, plus Crooks and Liars' John Amato and one of our all time faves and progressive Alaskans' best weapon, Shannyn Moore.

And if you are a progressive lawyer, and you're reading this, it is the place to be, so go register and go.

Via Pap's piece at Mass Torts Made Perfect:

Like we have in the past, we are hosting the names you know in litigation, such as Howard Nations, Morris Dees and other legends, and the people you want to meet during the breaks and receptions. We have comedian Lewis Black performing this year, as well as mentalist Lior Suchard, who will amaze you. We also will be hosting talk radio star Thom Hartmann, syndicated columnist Karl Frisch and bestselling author Cliff Schecter. In the past we have been visited by Bill Clinton, Dan Rather, Bill Maher, Pete Rose, Bobby Kennedy, Jr., Terry Bradshaw, Al Sharpton, Jason Alexander, Harry Reid, Ted Koppel, Wanda Sykes, James Carville, Ed Schultz, Paul Begala and many other names you know, as well as other talents you may not. Yet.

If you’re interested in knowing what is really happening with GranuFlo, SSRIs, Pradaxa, Actos, Pelvic Mesh, DePuy, as well as Meningitis, Mirena, Fosamax Femur, Medtronic INFUSE, and many other important litigations, you can’t miss out hearing from the leaders in these areas – they come to MTMP to educate and share information – period. There are no defense attorneys at MTMP, so we are able to give real, concrete and substantive presentations that will help you win your case.

I’m also proud to be hosting the first MTMP Auction to benefit the American Association for Justice’s “Take Justice Back” media campaign. The AAJ is an incredibly important organization and they fight every day to protect your ability to practice your profession, from those who would undermine you and the people of this country with frivolous laws such as so-called “tort reform.” Supporting the AAJ is the right thing to do – I hope you will come out Thursday night, April 11 at the Wynn Hotel, and help us raise much-needed funding for this important effort.

Still yawning? I didn't think so.

H/T to Seth Okin